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About the webmaster

Here you can find some information about the author of this site and why and how the website has been created.

Who am I?

My name’s Radoslav Stanchev. In 2010 I graduated as a Bachelor and in 2012 - as a Master the University of Rousse - “Angel Kanchev”, where I had studied Computer Systems and Technologies.
Those of you who wish to contact me (to be in correspondence with me or to offer some constructive suggestions and criticism) can:

  • send an e-mail to:
    dancehistory (at) abv (dot) bg
  • leave their comment in the specially created for that topic in the forum of the website.

About my connection with the Dance Sport

I’ll use two simple words – strong and lifelong.
I began dancing eight years ago. And for those of you who are curious to know more, I will say that I have been dancing and taking part in competitions for about six years.

At the moment I am a solo dancer, i.e. I do not happen to have a dance partner, and this fact doesn’t make me happy at all. Fortunately, this has nothing to do with the website and that’s why it (the website) will not suffer from it.

If you really have a hobby like that – it is for a lifetime... no matter whether the hobby has something to do with someone or whether that someone can stop you from doing it.

About the concept of the site

Despite from presenting my hobby to you, which I have been practising for the most conscious part of my life, this website is my Course Assignment in "Web Design".
According to plan, this website should have been finished by December 2007. Everything went OK, the website was estimated highly and this could have been the end of its maintenance.

However, that was not what I wanted. Thanks to the great DTH and many others (see "Thanks") the design of the website has been changed so that now it looks almost perfect, the sections containing the information about the different dances were filled out, a new forum has been made, and by the mid-February (2008) the present website started a second (new) life.

What will the future bring? – stay close to find out together!

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